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Lottah and the Anchor
This is the third book on the history of the Portland Municipality in North East Tasmania. The Portland Municipality is now, since amalgamation a number of years ago with the Fingal Municipality, part of the Break O'Day Municipality.
The township of Lottah and its neighbour, the Anchor tin mine, are on the southern slopes of the Blue Tier. They were not included in the first book in the series 'Tin Mountain' because of the amount of available material and to add them to 'Tin Mountain' would not have done them justice. Lottah was settled in the very early days of tin production as it was at the junction of the roads to the Blue Tier and Weldborough from St Helens. Lottah stayed a small community until the discovery of, first alluvial, and then lode tin at what later became the Anchor tin mine.
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Up Country
The history of Goshen, Terryvale, Goulds Country, Priory, Pyengana, West Pyengana, Bullock Drivers and the Sawmills of the Municipality of Portland, North East Tasmania.

In the same meticulous manner as with Garry’s previous collection of works, this fascinating history focusing on Goshen, Goulds Country, and the Pyengana area allows the reader to gain an understanding and reach an appreciation of the way of life for the community and the history of its people and to be engaged with those stories throughout the book. Tales that recount personal tragedies along with the many triumphs are testament to the resilience of those who lived, worked and raised their families in what would be seen by today standards as pretty tough times.
Tania Rattray-MLC


Sail & Steam
Trading Vessels to Georges Bay, 1883-1958
A4 Hardback, 224 pages, 2014
The trading vessels that plied Tasmania's coastal waters were the lifeblood of all the early coastal communities. Sail & Steam is as relevant to those towns as it is to its focus : St. Helens.
This is noted local historian Garry Richardson's second book in his Portland Municipality series. It recognises the importance of trading vessels to the municipality before decent roads were the norm. The trials and tribulations of the hardy seamen who manned these vessels are difficult to comprehend; the sailing vessels especially were always damp and the unpredictable weather of Tasmania is legendary, catching many unawares with resultant loss of life, especially before the general use of radios in the 1930s. Anyone with an interest in seafaring or Tasmanian history will find it hard to put this book down.

Over 250 images.


Tin Mountain

Large hardback, 350 pages, 2014

To the Chinese tin miners the Blue Tier in North East Tasmania was 'Tin Mountain'. This history of the region, and the settlements of Poimena and Weldborough, focuses on the search for a valuable metal by both Europeans and Chinese. Garry Richardson, a noted local historian, has researched the subject extensively and has amassed a great deal of primary source material to produce a comprehensive book on the area. From the discovery of tin in 1875 he follows the Blue Tier through its economic heyday before declining yields, the small scale of the operations and finally the need to shift to hard-rock mining in search of ore meant that the Blue Tier mines were ultimately non-viable.

Review - The Sunday Tasmanian

Half a Lifetime - 39 Years in Forestry

Large paperback 21cmx25cm, 132 pages, 2009

Garry Richardson's description of his working life with Forestry Tasmania, from young inexperienced trainee technical forester straight out of school, through to an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner who acted as a reviewer and mentor, particularly during the introduction of the Forestry Practices Code. It is full of anecdotes which reflect the huge range of skills and life experience which accumulates during a forestry career.

62 colour photos.


The Harbour - The History of Binalong Bay and Humbug Point
North East Tasmania

Hardcover 225 pages, 2010

A few of the 'characters' in this book are still current local identities. It is a fascinating insight into the origins of Binalong Bay, its surrounds, and the people who have contributed so much to it over the years. Anyone interested in the early years of the crayfishing industry will also find it informative.


Bushwalking Tasmania

CD - PDF format, 145 pages, 2008

South Coast Track, Cradle Mountain, Frenchman's Cap, Federation Paek, Mt. Field, Mt. Ossa, Douglas Apsley, Walls of Jerusalem, Franklin River, Wineglass Bay, New Pelion Hut via Lees Padock, Freycinet, Cape Pillar, Maria Island, Hazards Traverse, Overland Track, Lake Rhona & Waterfall Valley.

Includes location map, trip descriptions, & 370 colour photos.

Bushwalking Tasmania CD

The Bay of Fires
St. Helens
and the Hinterland

by Garry Richardson

12 pgs, A4 format.

A brief history and activities to enjoy on the Bay of Fires and the St. Helens region in North East Tasmania.

Numerous colour photographs. Excellent for the tourist or local who wants an overview of the area, an idea of what to expect in the region, or for the memories.

Bay of Fires

Bullock Drivers in
Tasmania's far North East
  -  Out of Print

by Douglas Rae, Colin (Sandy) Richards & Garry Richardson

39 pages, 2007

A history of the bullock teams of the forests of N.E. Tasmania, bullock drivers stories and backgrounds. Features bullockies - Ernie, Joe, Jack John & Jim Clifford, George, Colin, Rupert & Sam Richards, Fred & Harry Clark, George & Ted Austin, Henry Beechey, the Kirwin bros., Peter Hodge & Fred Robertson.

Bullock Drivers

A Gentleman
W.E. Ewart Tucker M.B.E.

by Garry Richardson

54 pages, 2007

Born in 1898, Ewart shares memories of his working life in the North East of Tasmania. As well as his family background, it includes the chapters, North Holme, Ansons Bay Timber Co., The Arga Shipping Co., Tin mining, Farming & other interests, & Civic duty.

Ewart Tucker

Wurrawa to Sloop Rock Tramway

complied by Garry Richardson

7 pages, July 2006

About the Ansons Bay Timber Co. and the building of a tramline to Sloop Rock, and the building of the jetty there. The position was too exposed, and only one shipment was made.

Location - North East Tasmania

Sloop Rock

Mine, Men and Misfortune  -  Out of Print

19 pages,  1987, reprinted 1997, 2006.

The life of the area of Lottah, the Anchor mine, and the surrounding district.
Covering the geographic relationship of the tin mines, then the general background of earlier tin discoveries of the North Eastern Tasmanian Blue Tier range, before leading into the history of the Anchor mine and the reasons for its failure.

Mine, Men & Misfortune

Walking St. Helens Point

7 pages,  Aug 2006.

A walking guide, including map, walking trails, times, information and points of interest, and history.

Walking Humbug Point

11 pages,  Dec 2006.

A walking guide, including map, walking trails, times, information and points of interest, and history.


Ron Galbreath - Ten Pound Pom

84 pages, 2008

The life story of Ron Galbreath, born in London in 1921. His early years, WW2, and emigration to Australia in 1949. Resident in Victoria, Tasmania, Canberra and South Australia, working as a scientific officer in optics, including at Mt. Stromlo observatory and the Defence Laboratories in Footscray and Salisbury.

Ron had various interests, including model plane flying in England in the late 1930's & 1940's, which included being selected on the British team in 1939. In Australia he was a bushwalker, caver and rock hound. With six children he is now a great grandfather, with family in South Australia and Tasmania.